busy busy busy

Gosh I’ve been so busy lately! Not only has work picked up but I’ve been receiving SO many orders for my business. Speaking of my business, I’ve been working non-stop on this website and also making Ready-To-Ship (RTS) items as well. Things are really looking up for me and my business.

With all that aside, I’ve been doing a little more research into natural hair care. I’ve recently come across the brand Carol’s Daughter. This product looks very promising for Peanut and his locs of love. Although I have been making his moisturizers and hair lotions, creams, and butters, I think this will have to be my next purchase. Once we move forward with purchasing and testing the product, I will do a little product review for you all. Stay tuned!



About lovemybiracialbabies

I am a mother to a biracial little boy, who in fact just turned 2. I have all kinds of hobbies. I sing, knit, do hair (braids, twists, you get the idea) cook, crochet, blog, bake, take photos, write music, etc..let's just say I'm a Jack of All Trades ;) but more so lately I've REALLY been into my son's hair, skin, and all natural products (from hair care to home cleaning) all the while maintaining a little knit and crochet business on the side. Join me on my daily journey as a single, full time working mother of one.
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2 Responses to busy busy busy

  1. Stopping by for a visit ! I consider myself a jane of all trades as well. Your business sounds kind of like my business , as my home business is all about natural household cleaners and personal care items also! I can relate to the busy thing. So many interests..so little time. It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time 🙂

    • Hey Rebekah, thank you for stopping by. I’ve just got some down time. I can’t believe how busy we can get in such little time. It’s well worth it though. I’m adding more to my shop as I took up sewing again. I can’t wait to show off what I’ve been working on but definitely after Christmas. Haha.


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