Sunday Funday?

yup…today after Peanut wakes up from his nap we will be heading down to the pool. After the pool, i’ll be crocheting away while my sister (who’s joined forces with me in my knit/crochet business) works on photoshop and graphic design for the business blog. we’ll be doing photoshoots of our upcoming projects, which will be including a few hats, few pair of fingerless gloves, and  clutch. hopefully this will bring in new business a whole lot faster because money is REALLY needed now.

Tomorrow also starts my journey as a work at home mom!!! and i’m VERY excited about that!! 🙂


About lovemybiracialbabies

I am a mother to a biracial little boy, who in fact just turned 2. I have all kinds of hobbies. I sing, knit, do hair (braids, twists, you get the idea) cook, crochet, blog, bake, take photos, write music, etc..let's just say I'm a Jack of All Trades ;) but more so lately I've REALLY been into my son's hair, skin, and all natural products (from hair care to home cleaning) all the while maintaining a little knit and crochet business on the side. Join me on my daily journey as a single, full time working mother of one.
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