What is your inspiration?

I have been asked this many times as far as my singing career. My inspiration comes from everywhere but I have come to a conclusion that my inspiration(s) are musicians/artists. Which in that case I have many.

  • Celine Dion
  • Whitney Houston
  • Aaliyah
  • Michael Jackson

I’m very big into music. I always have been, I record in the studio every chance I get. I am always writing music, lyrics, producing the music, and singing. I love it all! Peanut does too. Ever since he could mumble, he would try to sing. When he was 1 I let him get on the studio beat machine/drum pad and he made a pretty decent beat, which I still have recorded. Ever since then Peanut will ask me everyday if he can play the drums. I bought him a play keyboard ($10 at Wal-Mart) and he fell in love with it. He, recently, “wrote” me a song he says and he’ll play it for me and sing. He’s the cutest! I try to be his inspiration and I think I’m doing a fairly good job 🙂

Now, for crafting and knitting/crocheting, my inspiration comes from everywhere. I could be walking down the street and think, “Wow that color would look great for a scarf!” or something along those lines. I’m inspired by fellow crafters, knitters, and crocheters. Inspiration is all around us. Where do you find yours?




About lovemybiracialbabies

I am a mother to a biracial little boy, who in fact just turned 2. I have all kinds of hobbies. I sing, knit, do hair (braids, twists, you get the idea) cook, crochet, blog, bake, take photos, write music, etc..let's just say I'm a Jack of All Trades ;) but more so lately I've REALLY been into my son's hair, skin, and all natural products (from hair care to home cleaning) all the while maintaining a little knit and crochet business on the side. Join me on my daily journey as a single, full time working mother of one.
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