creative outlet

lately (pretty much this whole last month) i’ve been stressing out so bad with the ups and downs at work. where the downs out weigh the ups and everything is now at a stand-still, with that being said, i’m terrified. but i did not come on here to complain, i came here to DE-STRESS 🙂

i’ve been thinking lately about how my CREATIVE OUTLET helps me relax, clears my mind, and makes me all around happy. if you don’t already know, my creative outlet is crocheting and knitting. along with those and blogging i feel as if all my stress disappears. sometimes life does get in the way of me using my creative outlets but it happens. when we’re stressed it’s hard to get to that point of “let’s get inspired” when all you really want to do is “crawl in a little hole and hide”. haha but in all seriousness, i usually bite the bullet and take a walk, look at beautiful pictures while surfing the web, read a fellow bloggy friends blog, anything to get those creative juices flowing again. and once they do, there’s no stopping me 🙂

so now i have a question, what is YOUR creative outlet? how does it help you? how do you get inspired when you wanna “crawl in a little hole and hide”? 🙂

stay inspired,

“sometimes helping yourself can enable you to help others”-yours truly


About lovemybiracialbabies

I am a mother to a biracial little boy, who in fact just turned 2. I have all kinds of hobbies. I sing, knit, do hair (braids, twists, you get the idea) cook, crochet, blog, bake, take photos, write music, etc..let's just say I'm a Jack of All Trades ;) but more so lately I've REALLY been into my son's hair, skin, and all natural products (from hair care to home cleaning) all the while maintaining a little knit and crochet business on the side. Join me on my daily journey as a single, full time working mother of one.
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