TGIF..for real!!

As if this week couldn’t go by ANY slower!! haha. Anyway Peanut has been doing great potty-training! We only used 1 diaper (yesterday at naptime) in two days!!! Today, at naptime, he woke up after about 45 minutes, as he usually sleeps an hour, and I asked him to lay back down and close his eyes. He then responded and said, “Momma, I have to go peepee on the potty.” He got up from the bed, pulled down his Big Boy Underwear, and went to the bathroom! I am so proud! So, all-in-all he’s been doing great!!

Mini-vent, We were supposed to get paid today but didn’t, so I BETTER GET PAID ON MONDAY!!! smh. *phew*

Anyway, I’m going to be knitting and crocheting my heart out this weekend. I’m going to design my own business cards and hand them out all over town. I’m thinking about selling at local farmers markets and fairs. I’m going to be sending free samples to photographers in exchange for photos of my product in use so I can put up a website. Welp, I have to get Peanut ready for bed then hit up the local Wal-Mart.


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All this week (and parts of last week) Peanut has been potty-training but today we took it serious! Right after naptime we made a vow, NO MORE DIAPERS! So far he’s been doing GREAT!

‎We are now at 15 hours, 1 real accident and 1 accident that he caught (so that one doesnt count) and ran straight to his potty, & 1 diaper (at nap time). Each time he went to the potty I praised him for asking to go. When he went #1 and #2 he would receive a little treat. We would also say “YAY! I DID IT!”, clap our hands, and jump around celebrating! He, now, thinks going potty is awesome, as do I, no more diapers. At the end of his day, he was asking to go on the potty because he really had to go! Very exciting for me and more importantly for him! Before he went to bed tonight he asked to go on the potty one last time and now he is fast asleep wearing his “Big Boy Underwear” thankfully he’s still dry!! I’m so proud! I most certianly can’t wait to see how tomorrow morning turns out!! Wish us luck! 🙂


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Terrific Tuesday

First and foremost, I’d like to ask, how is everyone?

Although for some of you today may not be Tuesday anymore BUT it still is for me (gotta love Cali). My Tuesday has been great!! Work (although I didn’t get home til 7. we usually get off at 4) was pretty good and definitely no more stress as per Monday we are now a brand new company.

So, what’s new? Saturday I started to learn Photoshop and some photography techniques from a friend. The rest of Saturday and all of Sunday I played around with Photoshop. I’m happy with the outcome of my projects. Monday was just a long day, worked for 13 hours (at the office), came home got Peanut ready for bed, and went to bed myself. Now today, on the other hand, was AWESOME! I went to work (at the office, again!) at 10am. While at work I was able to work a little bit on my current crochet project, a mini top hat. I only needed to finish the last 3 rows and while at work today, I did!! 🙂

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful night tonight and a great day tomorrow.


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i know you’ve all been waiting for it

so here he is, now introducing….PEANUT

My beautiful little 2 1/2 year old boy. This picture was taken around Christmas time, but this is him, the love of my life, the breath in my lungs, my reason for living<3

I’ve been still going by the routine that I posted a while back and his hair (within the 6 months) grew quite a few inches. if you stretch out his hair from the front it’ll come down passed his chin and when released, shrink back to a little off his head (about an inch and a half) i LOVE it.

i hope you enjoyed seeing the face behind Peanut 🙂 and i’ll be writing a little more a little later (as i’m working on a blog for my knitting and crocheting LOL),

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creative outlet

lately (pretty much this whole last month) i’ve been stressing out so bad with the ups and downs at work. where the downs out weigh the ups and everything is now at a stand-still, with that being said, i’m terrified. but i did not come on here to complain, i came here to DE-STRESS 🙂

i’ve been thinking lately about how my CREATIVE OUTLET helps me relax, clears my mind, and makes me all around happy. if you don’t already know, my creative outlet is crocheting and knitting. along with those and blogging i feel as if all my stress disappears. sometimes life does get in the way of me using my creative outlets but it happens. when we’re stressed it’s hard to get to that point of “let’s get inspired” when all you really want to do is “crawl in a little hole and hide”. haha but in all seriousness, i usually bite the bullet and take a walk, look at beautiful pictures while surfing the web, read a fellow bloggy friends blog, anything to get those creative juices flowing again. and once they do, there’s no stopping me 🙂

so now i have a question, what is YOUR creative outlet? how does it help you? how do you get inspired when you wanna “crawl in a little hole and hide”? 🙂

stay inspired,

“sometimes helping yourself can enable you to help others”-yours truly

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so far so good

well it’s Thursday and so far so good. i am officially a WAHM (work at home mom) and very happy that i made it work!! i can also work on potty training Peanut, which btw he’s doing VERY well at, and focus more on my crafts 🙂

i did have time to peep my head in at the office and was presented with some great opportunities that i am very excited to try out! i’m focused and WILL make this all work!! On top of that, i need to update my shop completely, get my blog for the business going and start marketing my company for an amazing turn around.

anyway, i’m exhausted and i still have alot of work i need to do tonight before work tomorrow morning. have a great night everyone and stay blessed.

stay loyal,

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Sunday Funday?

yup…today after Peanut wakes up from his nap we will be heading down to the pool. After the pool, i’ll be crocheting away while my sister (who’s joined forces with me in my knit/crochet business) works on photoshop and graphic design for the business blog. we’ll be doing photoshoots of our upcoming projects, which will be including a few hats, few pair of fingerless gloves, and  clutch. hopefully this will bring in new business a whole lot faster because money is REALLY needed now.

Tomorrow also starts my journey as a work at home mom!!! and i’m VERY excited about that!! 🙂

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