Dry Skin?

My poor baby (Peanut) has such dry skin. When he was about 6 months I started to notice it a whole lot. I didn’t really know what to do other than put lotion on and hope the dry skin clears up.

Well, there’s actually a lot we can do to prevent and treat said dry skin. For instance, when I’m giving Peanut a bath I will put about 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil in the tub while it’s filling up with water. I was extremely surprised at the result of such softness to his skin!!!

First and foremost, make sure you’re drinking water. Water is the BEST thing to stay hydrated!!!

Baking soda! By replacing dish soap with sprinkling a little bit of baking soda while hand washing dishes, will leave your hands soft and smooth! “A baking soda soak is a folk remedy to relieve itching. Add 1 cup baking soda to a tub of hot water. Soak for 30 minutes and air dry.” says Discovery Health.

Vitamin E is vital for healthy skin. This vitamin helps retain natural moisture in the skin. Foods to you can eat that are high in vitamin E are avocados, broccoli, dark leafy greens, ground flax seed/flax seed oil, nuts, seeds, wheat germ, etc.

Vitamin A helps soothe the dry, flaky skin. Vitamin A is also found in the dark leafy greens, along with carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, etc. This vitamin can also repair skin damage.

Any foods containing Zinc are great for dry skin as well. Oysters, crab, beans, leaf beef, turkey just to name a few. Zinc can also help heal wounds as well as cracked and dry skin. It repairs the damaged skin and helps prevent future damage to the skin.

Foods containing Omega 3’s, as I mentioned in my last post about Arthritis, contain fats (the good kind) to help soothe dry skin. Foods contain Omega 3’s will keep your skin moisturized and plump. 😉 *Also great for wrinkles* If you have eczema, you may need to increase the omega 3’s in your diet! Avocados, walnuts, salmon, tuna, flax seed are some foods containing Omega 3’s.

Lastly, definitely keep moisturized with your favorite moisturizer or lotion!

That’s all the time I have for today,


About lovemybiracialbabies

I am a mother to a biracial little boy, who in fact just turned 2. I have all kinds of hobbies. I sing, knit, do hair (braids, twists, you get the idea) cook, crochet, blog, bake, take photos, write music, etc..let's just say I'm a Jack of All Trades ;) but more so lately I've REALLY been into my son's hair, skin, and all natural products (from hair care to home cleaning) all the while maintaining a little knit and crochet business on the side. Join me on my daily journey as a single, full time working mother of one.
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7 Responses to Dry Skin?

  1. Gina Campbell says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I am a mother of 3 with one more on the way and I recently started a crusade to turn my house into a safer place for my kids, which stemmed from me finding a lotion that cured my son’s excema and releived my dry skin for the first time in my life. I couldn’t believe that a product could work so well. It is called Renew by Melaleuca. I never knew anything about the company until I found the lotion. Since then I have discovered many amazing products for my family’s health as well as my home. They are made up of safe and natural ingredients, and none of them have toxic chemicals. I have loved every product I have tried so far and can’t rave enough how well they work.

  2. I’m just skimming here (jumped over from your other blog) and wondered if you had ever heard of the “No Poo” movement? No Poo means “no shampoo” – it’s a whole alternative way of washing hair. Some of us use baking soda and apple cider vinegar (l do this), and some (who are blessed with naturally curly hair, lucky them!) use a conditioner-only method. Either might work for your adorable Peanut. If you Google “no poo” you’ll probably find all kinds of things. Regarding the “conditioner only method”, there’s a great book out there called “Curly Girl” which gives a lot of helpful detail. (Not trying to sell books here – I borrowed a copy from the library to read.)

    I’ve moved to using only olive oil as moisturizer (or aloe in the summer if I get a little sunburnt). It works pretty well. I think shea butter or jojoba would also make great natural moisturizers. Good luck with keeping Peanut’s skin hydrated and soft! My sister-in-law had the same learning curve when some of my nieces and nephews were little (she and my brother have a large multiracial family).

    • Yes! I’ve definitely heard of the No Poo. I only use shampoo on my boy once every 3 months or so. His hair get dried out so quick. Peanut definitely uses the conditioner only method with Shea butter AND Jamaican black castor oil.

      I use Black and Beautiful cocoa butter on my son and I love the way that works, I also have raw cocoa butter and raw shea butter to make my own natural moisturizers.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and the wonderful compliment of my boy 😀

      Have a blessed day.

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